Team “SB&D” wins the 4th Deloitte Accountancy Entrepreneurship Challenge

Diegem, 3rd April 2014 – Team SB&D Afbeelding(Superior Beverages & Drinks) from Liège triumphed in the final of the 4th Deloitte Accountancy Entrepreneurship Challenge last weekend. This competition, involving 26 teams and more than 100 students from all over Belgium, encourages the participants to set up a virtual company and manage it online. Team SB&D has won a trip to Chicago. Deloitte Accountancy uses a variety of channels to support and stimulate entrepreneurship among young talent, as well as among the young holders of master’s and bachelor’s degrees, whom it also hires every year through entrepreneur initiatives such as Bryo, SO , Idealabs and Fast50.

This year saw the 4th edition of the Deloitte Accountancy Entrepreneurship Challenge, with teams made up of master’s and final-year bachelor’s accountancy, economics and finance degree students pitting their wits against one another in a business game to create the best virtual company.  26 teams took part in the Challenge this year, with a total of 110 students.

The final round of the Challenge was held last weekend at Deloitte in Diegem, after the previous rounds that took place in Antwerp, Charleroi, Ghent, Jette, Leuven, Hasselt, Kortrijk and Liège. In Diegem, the finalists made investment pitches as part of live presentations in front of a panel of fictitious investors made up of partners and directors of Deloitte Accountancy. Team SB&D, with coach Gary Rodriguez, scored extremely highly in the business game as well as in the investment pitch. As a result, the three team members – Cédric Lagarrigue, Youri Hannon and Chloé Carlier (all students at the HEC Management School at the University of Liège) – can now look forward to their trip to Chicago.

SB&D: “We are very grateful to Deloitte for its flawless organisation – and especially for giving us the fantastic opportunity to take part in this business game and for the coaching we received while it was going on. We reckon the Deloitte Entrepreneurship Challenge should also be called the ‘Deloitte Exciting Experience’!”

“Chicago Beverages”, a team of students from the Applied Economics faculty at Ghent University, finished in second place. Despite their fantastic presentation, it was by just a few points that they had to make way for the eventual winners. The team ranked third were the Limburg pirates of “Black Sails” (KH Limburg), who were narrowly edged out in the Facebook movie battle by the Liège team, DriNjoy.

The Deloitte Accountancy Entrepreneurship Challenge gives students the opportunity to take their theoretical knowledge one step further as part of a highly interesting practical exercise. The competitors form the management team of their own virtual company and are required to take decisions in all relevant areas of the business (purchasing policy, pricing policy, marketing, HR and finance policy) to manage the company to the best of their ability, while at the same time strengthening its competitiveness and financial position and attracting investors to fund corporate growth. The various rounds of the business game saw the students compete against one another in the same market in an online environment. They were also supported throughout the Challenge by a coach from Deloitte Accountancy.

“We use this business game to appeal to the entrepreneurial spirit of the next generation,” says Nikolaas Tahon, Managing Partner of Deloitte Accountancy. “It is reassuring to see how this challenge brings out the best in young people. There is still an awful lot of great young business talent out there in Belgium, which is what we aim to encourage in every way at Deloitte Accountancy.”

Pictures of the final day are available at the Facebook page of Deloitte Fiduciaire or our Flickr page.

Access the press release here.

Published on 30 March 2014


New York City – Deloitte Entrepreneurship Challenge 2013 – Day 4

Day 4…9 o’clock sharp in the lobby (almost) everybody is there. Time to check out and start this bright new day… or not so bright in the end, it’s raining today. But who cares! ;) we’re still in NYC and a coffee and some pasteries later we are headed to the MoMA. A few paintings, a few sculptures, A LOT OF people, and in the end so much fun! Who knew we would have people think we were artists analysing this (not so) amazing pièce of art but yes we did! Obama could… Why not us?! Haha ha!(More in the pictures^^)

20131107-112221 PM.jpg

20131107-112058 PM.jpg

Someone: “what? Already 1pm?! Time to get some food guys.. Lets check that asin restaurant my friend recommended! :-)”

A few blocks later here we are and the place looks really fancy. We wait in the lounge for 5 minutes and we finally get our table. Well if you go to NY one day and like asian food just try it on and you won’t be disappointed! A lot of executives (at least we tought they were) were actually having lunch there. (TAO on 42 E 58th St)

After this lovely meal, direction the subway (thank you cloudy rainy day!) and MET here we are! Beautiful building from the outside, this museum is so huge that we don’t even know if one day would be enough to cover everything. We just selected a few wings and headed out because we wanted to have a look at the Gugenhein. Too late to visit… Maybe next time!

After getting back to the hotel and freshing up a little bit it’s already dinner time! We actually just finished eating and it’s time to go to bed…

Really? Do you believed that? Let’s leave you with two words because nothing happend yet but if you like this post and you stay tuned you might get some extra episodes! ;-)

Party and Pool! What else ?

Xoxo RideOn team…

New York City – Deloitte Entrepreneurship Challenge 2013 : Day 3

Good evening everybody,

Welcome back on our blog reading the latest news about our journey in one of the city having the largest multicultural background !! Ok, I’ll tell more about it later in this post and I am going to start with the beginning of our day.

On the way to Deloitte’s office we adopted the true American way of life by having a coffee in one of the numerous bakeries. Then we were ready to face the ride to the 42nd floor of the Rockefeller center and meet Deloitte New York’s employees.
The two hours we spent over there were awesome. Firstly we had a little chat around a nice breakfast with our charming host. She took us for a tour to show us the breathtaking overview on the city from the different rooms around the floor. Luckily we had a guide to give us some insights about the surrounding neighborhoods so we learnt a lots of tricks and stories. Finally we got a meeting with a HR manager which was really interesting.

After getting back on earth we decided to reach the top of the legen…. wait for it … dary  Empire State Building !


Even if we didn’t see King Kong over there he still was all over the place :


The panorama was above all our expectations ! The conditions were just perfect : nice sunny weather and a really helpful detailed audio tour. It made us realize that there was still a lot of ground to cover in order to fully discover THE Big Apple.


Following the advice of the audio tour, we walked along the Fifth Avenue, looking at the famous shops settled on it, more famous the one than others !! All the luxurious brands have a common point, they are gather in the top of this Avenue, in the north side.

We ended up by reaching Central Park. We spent some time hiking among the fall leaves and beautiful orange colors watching our buddies : the squirrels. Our team had some fun taking pictures and shot little clips to feed the final movie of our trip. The Manhattan’s sunset is one of the thing each tourist should see and take time to appreciate !!

It is night time already but it’s not over yet. We walked through Upper East Side among buildings more beautiful than each other. After a little break in a nice pub next to Washington Square near NYU, a nice cold beer (yeah they have Stella Artois :-) ) and some pool games
it was time to go back the Empire State Building having our second visit and enjoying the night view this skyscraper offer over the city !!

As you can guess, after walking so much we were starving, and we found a typical sports bar restaurant. That was the occasion to discover or to watch again some sports US citizens are used to support.


There we are, just before devouring our big meals !!

Have a good night and keep posted to read our next American stories ;-)